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1.  Why should I take a prenatal vitamin when considering pregnancy and throughout pregnancy?

All women should maintain a balance diet throughout their lifetime. When considering pregnancy a

prenatal vitamin should be taken daily. Prenatal vitamins have the recommended amount of folic acid studied to decrease the risk of neural tube defects such a spina bifida in the fetus.


2.  What is a Pap smear?

A Pap smear is a screening tool for cervical cancer.


3.  When should I get a Pap smear?

Currently, the recommendation is to begin pap smears at age 21. An annual exam is recommended yearly.


4.  What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a breast screening test using imaging to detect the most common breast cancers at an early stage.


5.  What is BRCA testing?

BRCA testing is a genetic test performed on individuals who belong to families with an increased risk of breast, and ovarian cancer.  The test is to detect if the individual has an abnormal BRCA gene. BRCA gene carriers have a significant increase risk for developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.


6.  How long is normal for menstrual cycle?

Normal menstrual cycles occur 1 time monthly ( average interval is 21 - 34 days apart), and occur for 3-9 days.


7.  What is the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine is recommended for persons ages 9-26.  The vaccine helps the individual form immunity to fight human papilloma virus (HPV).  HPV is a major cause of cervical cancer, and has been identified in some oral cancers.


8. Why should I exercise?

Women of all ages should exercise to optimize health.

Your exercise regimen should include 3 types of exercise:

- Endurance (Cardio) training: is to improve cardiovascular status.

- Resistance training: improves strength and helps to build muscle mass and bone mass.

- Balance training: may help to prevent falls


9.  Will birth control pills make me gain weight?

With the new lower dose OCP formulations, weight gain is minimal. In studies done comparing OCP users vs. non OCP users, the weight gain was 1 lb average for both users and nonusers.


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